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“If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive.” –Barry Lopez

Since 2012, The Wayfarer has been offering literature, interviews, and art with the intention to inspires our readers, enrich their lives, and highlight the power for agency and change-making that each individual holds. By our definition, a wayfarer is one whose inner-compass is ever-oriented to truth, wisdom, healing, and beauty in their own wandering. The Wayfarer’s mission as a publication is to foster a community of contemplative voices and provide readers with resources and perspectives that support them in their own journey.

autumn/winter 2021

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Forthcoming October 1, 2021 – 90 Pages | Full-color | 8.5 x 11

For the Autumn/Winter 2021 issue of The Wayfarer, we reach back into our archives and return to conversations we have had with poets, including Krista Tippet, David Whyte, Chris LaTray, Frank LaRue Owen, and Andrea Gibson.

Also featuring offerings by L.M. Browning, Gail Collins-Ranadive, Theodore Richards, Eric D. Lehman, Iris Graville, David K. Leff, and much more.

Spring/summer 2021

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Interviews in This Issue: In this issue, we speak with award-winning authors Heidi Barr and Ellie Roscher and their book 12 Tiny Things; as well as Stephen Drew, author of the Camino memoir, Into the Thin. 

Our Signature Features: The Mindful Kitchen by Heidi Barr, Life & the Arts by Eric D. Lehman, the Contemplative Column by Theodore Richards, the Environmental Column by Gail Collins-Ranadive, and the Travel Column by L.M. Browning.

Feature Poets: April Tierney, L.M. Browning, Amy Nawrocki, Diane Webster, Michael Garrigan, C.M. Rivers, Richard Risemberg, Jack e Lorts, Gunilla Norris, Brooks Robards, Stephen Campiglio, Ken Meisel, Sheila Mulrooney, and Sean Murphy.

Feature Essays: For the Love of Place by Walker Abel, Awakening to a New Geography by David K. Leff, On Being Non-binary by Quinn Gathercole, Nature is Queer by Ken Lamberton, Sugar Mandala by Maria Hetherton, and Environmentalism Meets Anti-Racism by Iris Graville.

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The Wayfarer posts new content monthly and releases two issues a year in highlighting our strongest pieces and signature features. 

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The Wayfarer has several different sections including essays, poems, interviews, and features written by our staff such as the Travel Column, Environmental Column, Arts & Life Column, and Contemplative Column.

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The continuation of the echoing ‘barbaric yawp.’

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    Homebound Publications is the independent publishing house behind The Wayfarer.  Keep Exploring. Visit the homepage today. Onward

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    Homebound Publications is the independent publishing house behind The Wayfarer.  Keep Exploring. Visit the homepage today. Onward

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