Featured in Vol.4 Issue 1 | The Spring 2015 Edition

Lynne Harkes_1

For several years I painted detailed and often large-scale canvases of flowers. I loved nothing better than spending hours, days and weeks shading and revealing more of the image with each layer of paint. One day I hit a block that catalysed an almost overnight transformation and a much freer, abstract style of working. Whilst I do still dip into my flowers in a looser way these days, I adore this special freedom of abstract work which I feel taps into a particular purity. The wonderful thing about being an artist is that your path and your personal transformation is documented in 3D. I‘m amazed at the contrast in the work I have produced over the years as well as intrigued to see the changes that follow. When we operate in our field of passion, creations at this level are real expressions of ourselves and our true essence.

— Lynne Harkes, Winter 2015


Lynne HarkesLynne Harkes • FEATURE ARTIST is a Scottish artist, based in Edinburgh. Her work ranges from oils of detailed plant and Nature studies, with a semi-abstract flavour, to more abstract work using mixed media. Lynne’s canvases have an ethereal feel to them and both genres of her work show her fascination for light and her ability to portray this in her work. She demonstrates an ability, in her colourful canvases, to engage the viewer at an almost meditative level and one senses a deeply spiritual layer to her paintings.

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