Feature Articles of the Issue:

Reimagining the Possible: An Interview with Feature Artist Jackie Morris

The Wayfarer: The Water Protectors of Standing Rock. Our definition of a “wayfarer” is a wanderer whose ability to re-imagine the possible provides the compass bearings for those on their way. A wayfarer can be a writer, artist, musician, activist, volunteer—anyone who is charting the way for change. Each issue we feature a profile of a wayfarer and highlight what they are doing to be an agent of change in the world. For the first time in the history of our publication, we have chosen to feature a movement as our wayfarer. In this special 24-page feature, Editor-in-Chief L.M. Browning profiles 8 water protectors who were at Standing Rock. Alongside the profiles are dramatic photos from Elizabeth Hoover capturing what really happen on-site.

Anne Frank’s Mandate: The Environmental Column by Gail Collins-Ranadive

Weeds: An Essay on Wild Edibles by Staff Writer Eric D. Lehman

Sprung by Katherine Hauswirth

The Election: The Contemplative Column by Staff Writer Theodore Richards

A Something Less than Nothing by Joseph Little

The Souls of Wild Folk by Chad Hanson

Say it With Pencils: Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau! by David K. Leff

Featured Poets

Scott Edward Anderson
Kyce Bello
Julianne Berokoff
James Crews
Elizabeth Foulke
Monique Gagnon German
Kelly Kancyr
Jason Kirkey
Jody Larson
Amy Nawrocki
Frank LaRue Owen Jr
Laura Sobbott Ross
David Sam
Leslie Schultz

New Feature Debuting in Issue

The Mindful Kitchen: Featuring seasonal recipes to offer on your home table.


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