Features include:

The Wayfarer of the Issue is poet and speaker David Whyte
Editor-in-Chief L.M. Browning interviews David in the piece, “The Inner-Frontier: An Exploration of Verse, Psyche & Self”

In our “Reimagining the Possible” feature we sit down with artist & photographer Nancy C. Woodward

Other Features Include:

Goodness through Discomfort
by Heidi Barr

Seeking Guidance Beyond Our Comfort Zone: An Unanswered Letter I Sent to Dear Sugar
by L.M. Browning

Writer in a Bulletproof Vest
by Iris Graville

The Kennedy Center: A Legacy of Grassroots Compassion
by L.M. Browning with Kelly Kancyr

Featured Poets of the Issue are:

Walker Abel
Kevin Dobbs
Latreece Fulton
Priscilla Frake
Lance Garland
Mark Goad
James Croal Jackson
Meg Low
Mark Luebbers
John Michael Mouskos
Phil Rodenbeck
Kate Wallace Rogers
Michelle Wiegers

With Columns by:

Theodore Richards
Eric D. Lehman
Gail Collins-Ranadive
David K. Leff
& Kristen Williams

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