The Wayfarer Vol. 2 Iss. 3 e-Edition




The feature poet of the issue is William Kelley Woolfitt. Our fiction selections are Tea-Time at the Train Stationby Elizabeth Hoyle and Evolution by Nicole Keller. Being the Lone Bannerman: Advice on Getting Publishedfrom Homebound Publications authors David K. Leff, Eric D. Lehman, Theodore Richards, Nora Caron, and L.M. Browning. In this issue we also feature the poetry of Rich Murphy, Mary Harwell Sayler, Mark Goad, Robbie Maakestad, Samuel Salerno, Aaron Cornett, Adam Short, Peter O’Malley, Paul Weidknecht and Caroline Misner. With a preview of Continental Quotient: Stories from Both Sides of the Divide by Kristen Lodge.

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