The Wayfarer Vol. 2 Iss. 4



Feature Articles: Foragings by William Searle, I Lost my “I” in Iraq by Tiana Tozer, Vermont’s Sacred Acre by Kathryn Bonnez, Versions of Kabir Translation by J.K. McDowell, and the Feature Poets of the issue are L.B. Aaron Reeder IV and Bri Bruce. Featuring the poetry of: Michael Knowles, Christopher M. Suda, Rebecca Ricks, Rev. Daniel Klawitter, Kari Wergeland, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Chad Hanson, David Crews, Bri Bruce, Lawrence Eby , Roy Bentley, Donna Collins, Cindy Rinne, Wally Swist, Ariane Elizabeth, and Valerie Westmark. Also featuring the short story, Deathbed by Theodore Richards. Perle Besserman gives us her thoughts on her latest release, Yeshiva Girl Stories.

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