The Wayfarer Vol.3 Iss.3



Feature poet of the issue is Gunilla Norris; feature artist is Ashley Halsey; Environmental Column: Intimacy with Place by Jamie K. Reaser Creativity Column: Emerson: A Champion of Creativity by J.K. McDowell; From the Editor: The Pilgrimage Home: Finding the Sacred Ordinary by L.M. Browning; and the Contemplative Column: Nature, Spirituality and Paradox in New England Transcendentalism by Theodore Richards.

Featuring the Poetry of Reggie Marra, Amy Nawrocki, John Grey, Danny Haley, Cristina J. Baptista, Diana Woodcock, David K. Leff, and Kathleen M. Quinlan. Also featuring The Last Hermit in New England by Eric D. Lehman, Autumn Leaves by Jamie K. Reaser, It’s Complicated: Living the Simple Life in Rural New England by Gail Collins-Ranadive, Independent Books, Independent Minds: Our Indie Bookstore Spotlight on Essex Books, The Lake by Shannon Viola, In the Book Spotlight: Saving the Farm: A Story of Time, Place, and Redemption.

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