The Wayfarer Vol 4 Iss 1 e-Edition





Feature Articles:

Building a Temple of the Heart by Perle Besserman
Doing, Not Doing by Jason Kirkey
Wild Silence by L.M. Browning
Feature Photographer: Ryan Upp
A Spirituality of Wildness by Theodore Richards
A Wayfarer: Award-winning Author Gunilla Norris
Feature Artist: Lynne Harkes
Reimagining the Possible: An Interview with Sandra Ingerman

Featuring the Poetry of Laurie Klein, Kael Moffat, Jeff Burt, Sean M. Conrey, Gloria Heffernan, Paige Simkins, Karina Lutz, Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Leslie Schultz, Jeff DeBellis, Ann Sheils, Walker Abel, Amy Nawrocki, Matthew Haughton and Christopher Nye. Also featuring a preview of Seasons of Contemplation by L.M. Browning; the essay Mending Family Wounds by guest columnist Nora Caron; the essay Summer People by Gail Collins-Ranadive; and The Return Journey: Book Reviews by Eric D. Lehman.

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