A Recipe for Healing

From the Hearth & Home Issue, A Special Edition of The Wayfarer Magazine featuring recipes and reflections.

(Some ingredients may need to be doubled, others omitted based on personal life situation.)

INGREDIENTS (In no particular order)

Image: monika grabkowska

Open minds
Abundant willingness to change perspective
Righteous rage
Ownership of wrongdoing
Celebration of rightdoing
Deep listening
Informed, consistent action
Community participation
Commitment to being a good ancestor


Prepare a large container of Love. Combine in proper amounts for each individual situation, always leaving room for mistakes and beginning again. Sprinkle desired amounts of Joy on top. Continue for a lifetime. Pass on to others, including future generations, as needed.

About the author

Heidi Barr is a writer, gardener, and wellness coach committed to cultivating ways of being that are life giving and sustainable for people, communities, and the planet. Author of 12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live a More Intentional Life, Woodland Manitou: To Be on Earth, and Cold Spring Hallelujah, she lives in Minnesota with her family. Learn more about her work at 12tinythings. com and heidibarr.com