What we Seek: We currently publish poetry, personal essays, narrative nonfiction, jouralistic pieces, original art, and photography.
*All written submissions should be written in English. The grammar, punctuation, and citing should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
The Tone of our Journal: The Wayfarer’s mission is to chart the way for change by building and empowering a community of contemplative voices. A wayfarer is a wanderer whose ability to re-imagine the possible provides the compass bearings for those on their way.
The Wayfarer is the literary magazine of Homebound Publications. The journal is released quarterly at the turn of each season. We publish a high quality journal of literature and art that inspires and points the way for visionary yet practical change. We seek to explore the spiritual progression we are currently experiencing as individuals and a global community.
The Wayfarer’s Reading Windows
  • Spring Issue Reading Window: September 1st – January 1st | Publish Date: March 21st
  • Autumn Issue Reading Window: February 1st – July 1st | Publish Date: September 21st
Current Response Time: 5-6 Months
EXPRESS Response: This is a paid submissions category for poetry. Sometimes waiting months for a reply on your submissions isn’t possible. With this paid feature, for just $3.00, you will receive a response on your submission within 1 week. With your submission confirmation you will receive a special 20% discount in our store on back issues of The Wayfarer.
Safe Space: We are deeply invested in reading and publishing diverse voices spanning across different religions, ethnicities, and marginalized communities. We strongly welcome submissions from of writers within the LGBTQIA+ community, writers living with a disability, writers living with refugee status, and Native American voices . . . to name a few. Writers from all backgrounds and communities should consider our press a safe space. 


Urgent topics: Timely essays can be sent directly to our Managing Editor at thewayfarer(at)homeboundpublications.com | *These pieces will be published website-direct within days or weeks of submission and then be rerun in the print issue should we deem it appropreiate. Please write “Timely Submission” in the subject line.

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