by Camille Thomasson

This article is featured in the Autumn 2015 issue of The Wayfarer (Vol 4 Issue 2)


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The kinglet in the winter wood
weighs as much as a plump cherry.

When amorous, he flashes his
small topknot of red feathers

—a scarlet bindi—meant to woo.
He sings: Let’s couple, you and I!

I will serenade whilst you weave
our silken home of webs and moss!

Life is gnashing teeth, biting cold,
marauding weasels and merlins.

The snow owl is always hungry.
The wind cares for no living thing.

I live in terror all my own
and still my little kinglet sings.


Camille Thomasson is a professional screenwriter and a life-long student of yoga. She is an avid birder and likens the pastime to walking meditation.

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