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Seasonal Farmer’s Market
Ploughman’s Lunch

by L.M. Browning

Many times the simplest foods are the most delectable. The first recipe we will feature in “Mindful Kitchen” has no recipe. (Very minimalist of us if you think about it.) The ploughman’s lunch is a dish with a recipe dictated by season and availability. It is an English meal traditionally composed of farm cheese, a pickled item, apples, boiled eggs, ham, and even a pint of beer is often found in the mix.

In a modern return to the simplicity of ingredients, the ploughman’s lunch is the dish that allows you to indulge in seasonal delights. Celebrate the freshest fruits and vegetables alongside a couple of pickled items from last year’s harvest and some organic, free range charcuterie. Serve it on large plates—family style—with coffee, a pot of aromatic tea, a bottle of wine, or a few pints of beer and there you have it!
A Spring Plate

A Dozen Halved Fresh Figs
English Cheddar Cheese
Halved Hardboiled Eggs
*10-12 mins so yoke is slightly soft
Blanched Asparagus Drizzled with Olive Oil
and a pinch of Kosher Salt
Spring Onions
Sliced Raw Fennel with Olive Oil Drizzle
Sliced French Baguette
Serve with a Dry White Wine

Summer Plate

Cantaloupe Melon
Goat Cheese
Pita Chips
Serve with Crisp, Fruity White Wine

Autumn Plate

Fig Preserve
Milk Crackers
Sliced Genoa
Halved Hardboiled Eggs
Oil Cured Olive of your Choice
Serve with Mulled Apple Cider
or Pitcher of Pale Ale

Winter Plate

Wedge of Maytag Blue Cheese
Dried Fruits (dates, cranberries, cherries, apricots)
Sliced French Baguette
Oil Cured Olive of your Choice
Spiced Nuts
Serve with a Bold Red Wine
or spiced, hot chocolate



L.M. Browning is an award-winning author of nine books. Balancing her passion for writing with her love of learning, Browning sits on the Board of Directors for the Independent Book Publishers’ Association, she is a graduate of the University of London, and a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers. She divides her time between her home along Connecticut’s shore and Boston. | Photo for Mindful Kitchen Spread © Brooke Lark

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