Appeared in Vol 2 Issue 3 (Summer 2014)

*Two other poems by Monkia John also appear in the issue.

Header Photo: © Prayer Wheel Michael Bay


Stardust and Peace
by Monika John

My mind is joined
to victim and violator,

to conquerors’ greed
and insights of Sufi saints.

My feet tread on dust
of blood drenched battle fields

and of the One
who walked in Palestine.

My lungs fill with air
expelled in Genghis Khan’s curses

and the sanctified breath
of Abraham.

I am no more than stardust,
a fleeting spark in space,

yet I abide eternally unchanging
in all embracing peace.



Poems by Monika John, writer, attorney and world traveler living in Washington State. Her writings have appeared in various journals and magazines in the USA and UK: most recently Buddhist Poetry Review, Light of Consciousness Magazine, Urthona UK, Penwood Review, Presence International Magazine, Anthology on Tagore, UK, Fungi and Quiet Shorts Magazine, Sathya Sai Magazine, Scheherazade’s Bequest.

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