Appeared in Volume 3 Issue 3

Reggie Marra has two poems featured in this issue.

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And then one day
if you’re lucky
or unlucky, or
you recognize a moment
of grace (or grace recognizes you)
you wake up to find
what you thought was
the way things are
is how you are, and
the real work begins
because how you are
doesn’t reveal itself
in one fell swoop or
even two full sweeps
but rather one belief, view,
habit, lens, experience or
culture at a time, and just

when you think you
see clearly, that you
understand things as
they are, another veil falls,
an insight arrives, and you
realize you’re capable of
yet another shift, other
transformations await,
further openings beckon,
subtle lenses still filter
your view and this is
the way it goes
the way things are
the way you are
the way it is

and recognizing this
you breathe deep,
relax a bit, are more
or less okay until
the next time you forget
the way things and you are
and perhaps awaken again,
remembering beliefs, views,
habits, lenses, experiences,
cultures, veils, insights, shifts
and transformations emerge
and fall away, emerge
and fall away, and that’s
the way it is.


Reggie Marra is a poet, Integral Master Coach®, educator and author of two volumes of poetry and three of nonfiction. In 2014 he joined the visiting faculty at The Graduate Institute’s M.A. in Consciousness Studies program, teaching Integral Theory and Embodiment. Reggie has presented his work for the National Association for Poetry Therapy, the Transformative Language Network’s Power of Words Conference, The National Speakers Association, The Spirituality Institute at Iona College, and most recently, HealingNewtown. He has conducted hundreds of poetry-writing sessions in a variety of venues since 1996. His education includes Integral Coaching Canada, Animas Valley Institute, Iona College and St. John’s University. He is committed to alleviating unnecessary suffering through skillful means. You can find out more at and

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