The Wayfarer_Spring16_Cov_2_smThe spring issue of The Wayfarer is now available! In this landmark issue, Editor-in-Chief L.M. Browning interviews Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker Tomm Moore, co-founder of Cartoon Saloon and the creative force behind such films as The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. In addition, we profile Rumi translator Maryam Mafi as our Wayfarer of the issue.

Jason Kirkey pens a new installment of his Rewilding Column entitled A Light Inside the Mountain. New Staff writer Eric D. Lehman treks to Scotland in his travel essay The Fortingall Yew. While Theodore Richards explores the significance of contemplative activism in his piece In Contemplation of a Murder.

Feature Photographer of the issue is Duncan GeorgeDuncan’s images have had extensive media exposure including National Geographic Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC online, Popular Photo and many others. He is a supplier to Getty images. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Singapore and the UK. He is currently working a long-term project shooting the remote moorlands and coastal landscapes of the UK’s South West.

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Full Contents of Spring 2016 Issue


A Light Inside the Mountain
Rewilding Column by Staff writer Jason Kirkey

The Fortingall Yew
by Staff writer eric D. Lehman

Reimagining the Possible
An Interview with Academy Award Nominated
Director Tomm Moore | by Staff Writer L.M. Browning

The Wayfarer
Iranian Author & Translator Maryam Mafi
A Profile by Staff Writer L.M. Browning

In Contemplation of a Murder
The Contemplative Column by Staff Writer Theodore Richards

Finding Herman Melville
by David K. Leff

Finding the Ties that Bind
An interview with award-winning Author L.M. Browning

The Meadow
by Francesca G. Varela

The Grace of Place
by Gail Collins-Ranadive

Poetry Section

Kathleen M. Baker
Rick Benjamin
Chance Castro
Rachel Crawford
Gary Enns
Mark Goad
Mark Hart
Kathleen M. Quinlan
Diana Woodcock

A Week on the Worlds Rooftop
By Julie Albin

A Rising Voice in Indie Publishing
Homebound Publications Celebrates 5 years of literature

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